Solar flares in play with our atmosphere.


Being an Autonomous and Organic Animal

A few definitions of organic, aside from the obvious of related to living things, and the now popular grown or made without the use of artificial chemicals is also having different parts that work well together. Also, two additional and not so often used definitions are: forming an important part of something and happening or developing in a slow and natural way.

The CRAWLINGS FREE PRESS relates to all definitions. While being a living thing, and keeping free of artificial chemicals, fake news, lobbyist fed propaganda, and any political influence, CRAWLINGS exists in a healthy environment. The idea of having different parts that work well together, while forming an important part of something and developing in a slow and natural way, seems to define CRAWLINGS correctly.

A few definitions of autonomous are: having the power or right to govern itself, an undertaking carried on without outside control and existing or capable of existing independently.

This is the CRAWLINGS FREE PRESS – any questions?


Crawling Along

Life can seem to move slowly or fast, depending on if you are waiting for an answer to your latest proposal, or eating your favorite ice cream. While in the slow mode, the brain can move fast, whipping around and pondering briefly on thoughts of salient problems and to-dos in your life. While in the fast mode, no pondering takes place as one is consumed with the pleasure or the issue at hand.

It would be wonderful if we never had to live a fast life, if we could ponder our choices, taking the time to think things through, to delve deep into things we are curious about, or issues that bother us that we want to investigate and learn more about.

But, alas! Life is what it is, what it delivers to us as we crawl along the paths we choose.