Le Pen stuns Europe, wins the Presidency

Upset election, France turns right
Stunning victory, Le Pen wins France
European Union under threat, Le Pen attacks

These are the headlines that could be on the mastheads on Monday, the 8th of May. Yes, it is entirely possible that Marine Le Pen can win the French Presidents race on Sunday. Of course, all the swamp people (embedded EU autocrats, mainstream EU media, fat cats that have been scheming their living from milking taxes with their super high EU salaries) claim it can’t happen. They claim that like on 21 April 2002, when the other Le Pen, her father, startled the world and made it into the second round, all the other parties will come together to stop her.

But, it isn’t happening. France is now split. Le Pen could win because, just like in America, the Bernie Sanders voters will stay home. Those that supported left sided candidates will not show up to stop the Nationalist. A certain percentage of the losing candidate voters are seeing Macron as just another swamp person, bought and paid for by the Banks, globalists, open border promoters, and those that don’t mind that a few million immigrants have invaded France, and some of them kill French people about every other month.

Le Pen may win if there are enough Nationalist French workers who want to keep France as France, and in place, and not let it deteriorate into a third world country. At any rate, Nationalism is going to set the stage for the new European Union. New, because it has to make changes, it needs a reset. With BREXIT on the horizon and the southern states in horrible financial condition, Hungary will not be a lone wolf much longer as other states join to stop what many call the madness of too much immigration.

FRONTEX wastes a few million euros a year trying to organize the EU border guards, and are failing. They fail because their hands are tied. They have to accept all those floating in the water. NGO’s jumped in fast as they can always see a quick fundraising opportunity, dare I say profit, getting huge donations to save people, working behind the scenes with the traffickers, picking up immigrants just of the shores of Africa and then, instead of dropping them off safely back in Africa, they transport them a few thousand kilometers and drop them off in Europe. Many see this as a really sad state of affairs.

The good citizens of France are not stupid, and they see it as well, as did the rural voters of the UK who voted for BREXIT, and the rural voters of America who voted for Trump to stop illegal immigration.

Sunday’s French election may well be the shot heard around the world if an upset is in the making. It is a true test of the REAL French state of affairs.

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